Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Sightings on the Coast

Captain Neil Shearar reports some great highlights from the just completed 7-day North Coast / Khutzeymateen trip aboard the Island Roamer. With the early spring salmon runs now coming in, various pods of orcas from the "A" clan were in the area providing some excellent whale watching. The Khutzeymateen Conservancy lived up to its reputation with some incredible grizzly bear viewing with local guide Greg Palmer. The finale was coming upon a howling wolf pack and a lone wolf out along the shore; followed on the last morning by a visit to one of the most famous petroglyphs (rock carvings) on the coast, "Man who fell from Heaven", accompanied by a Tsimshian native guide. If you haven't visited this area book now for 2011 and find out why everyone is talking about the Khutze!

June 3-6, 2011 (4 days) £1450
June 7-10, 2011 (4 days) £1450
June 11-14, 2011 (4 days) £1450
June 15-21, 2011 (7 days) £2550

NB These trips can be combined with a wonderful holiday in the Galapagos of the North, the Queen Charlotte Islands

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sevilla Island Resort - British Columbia

I went here a few years ago and loved it.

At Sevilla Island Resort we focus on providing both relaxing oceanside vacations and memorable eco-adventures to guests of all ages. We offer oceanfront accommodations, exquisite meals, Desolation Sound Sea Safari Boat Tours , Snorkeling Tours , Savary Island Biking/Beachcombing Trips , Sea Kayaking Tours and a wide range of other eco-adventure activities with either individual pricing or all-inclusive packages. You can relax at the Resort, select from one of our standard all-inclusive adventure packages, or have us arrange a custom activity package to meet your specific BC Sunshine Coast vacation needs.

The Resort is located on Sevilla Island just across the bay from Lund harbor on the world renowned BC Sunshine Coast. The area around the Resort offers a rich ecological diversity with five protected marine parks, towering mountains, lush rainforests, sandy beaches, rocky islands and hundreds of miles of rugged coastline. The area around the Resort is a mecca for sea kayaking, hiking, sea safari's, snorkeling/scuba diving, canoeing, beachcombing, mountain biking, fishing and 4x4ing. There are few places in the world where you can engage in so many different outdoor activities in such a wide range of diverse settings.

For those looking for a more relaxing vacation the stunning scenery, diverse marine life and broad array of local flora and fauna provide for excellent exploring, sightseeing, bird watching and photography. You can relax and enjoy the scenery around the Resort from one of our many decks, lounge in our oceanside hot tub, explore the warm waters and sandy beaches of Savary Island, experience Desolation Sound on one of our Sea Safari's or go golfing or fishing.

It is not our website because it is so small, but give me a ring on 020 8776 8709 and we can certainly help you include Sevila Island Resort on your BC holiday itinerary

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tin Cup Lodge, Yukon

When Tincup Lodge was built in 1991, no expense was spared in constructing the finest of facilities. The main lodge offers sweeping views of the lake and surrounding mountains, and features a dining room, bar, kitchen and large outdoors deck with a hot tub. The duplex cedar-log guest cabins can accommodate 10 guests and each have their own cozy wood stove, covered verandah and private bathrooms.

Owned and operated by Larry Nagy and Jose Janssen, the Lodge is a labor of love, it expresses the commitments we have made to their guests' comfort and enjoyment, to the Yukon wilderness and to the fine art of fishing and relaxing.

Pictures are worth thousands of words!

Tincup Lodge guests are met either at the arrivals in Whitehorse Airport or at their Whitehorse Hotel Lobby and are then transported to the Alpine Aviation floatplane dock.

They are then flown by a Beaver or Cessna 206 floatplane, 250 km to Tincup Lodge.

The cost of this chartered flight is included in the 4 or 7 day Tincup Lodge package.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gatherall´s Puffin & Whale Watch - Newfoundland/Labrador

This is a note from the company that we use to see puffins and whales near St. John's in Newfoundland.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Gatherall's. Our Family firmly believes that if you compare Gatherall's Puffin and Whale Watch with all of the other marine tour operators in Newfoundland, you are sure to determine that Gatherall's is the overwhelming choice to include as part of your Newfoundland itinerary. We look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to your clients first hand this season.

Gatherall's takes pride in the warmth, sincerity, and professionalism of our staff.

We have taken great care to select those unique individuals whose enthusiasm is contagious. Gatherall's goes to great lengths to retain our staff so as to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service possible. Local guides--to whom hospitality comes naturally--will captivate you with their enthusiasm, energy and spirit. Their goal is to bring to life all of the wonders of the Reserve and the rich and varied history of our area.

Gatherall's goes to great lengths to ensure that we provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. Our guides receive the most in-depth training and on the job experience provided by any operator. Attention to detail pervades our entire operation and is one of the reasons why Gatherall's continues to thrive while many others have come and gone.

The live commentary presented during the 90 minute tour is a blend of adventure, excitement, and education your group will cherish for a lifetime. This program has been specially prepared to offer our guests a deeper appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of our province. As it is a live presentation, this program remains flexible so as to satisfy the particular interests of each group.

The program is intended to be both educational and entertaining. Information offered on the trips is now available in both German and French, in written and audio form. Live entertainment is also available upon request.

Gatherall's dedication to providing memorable experiences is matched only by our commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity.