Friday, May 15, 2009

Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has some of the best salmon waters on earth

The rivers of the province number among the top salmon fishing grounds in the world. The best salmon rivers in New Brunswick are, in statistical order, the Southwest Miramichi, the St. John, the Restigouche, the Northwest Miramichi and the Tobique. Specimens weighing in at 30-40 pounds can be caught with a fly-fishing rod. This is not guaranteed, but still not unheard. In the 50 salmon rivers in the province fishing is only permitted when accompanied by a local guide. Salmon fishing is therefore, as it is all over the world, an expensive activity.

As well as salmon, Artic char also appear in most waters. The landlocked Atlantic salmon in the southernmost part of the province (2 - 3 pounds in weight) and trout in the lakes (between 3 + 10 pounds in weight) are also highly prized as well as the perch and pickerels which are native to the south west.

In addition to salmon and trout fishing, saltwater fish are the most popular in New Brunswick. Especially in the Baie de Charleur, lucky anglers reel in magnificent giant tuna weighing in at some 1000 pounds every year.

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