Monday, July 06, 2009

Talls Ships in Nova Scotia

The international gathering of world-class Tall Ships is in Halifax, Nova Scotia from July 16 to August 1, 2009. Having hosted Tall Ships gatherings four times over two decades, Nova Scotia is no stranger to the visitors who come to see these grand ships in Halifax and ports across Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia provides the perfect setting for a Tall Ships event. The atmosphere, the tradition and the opportunity to follow the ships around the province is an experience that is offered to the visitors and people of the province during Tall Ships Nova Scotia 2009.

Ships will arrive in Halifax on Thursday, July 16 and following the magnificent Parade of Sail in Halifax on Monday, July 20, designated ships will head north to Cape Breton, making stops in Port Hawkesbury (July 22 - 23) , Louisbourg (July 22 - 23) and Sydney (July 25 - 26) while others will head to the mainland ports including Lunenburg (July 22 - 23) Pictou (July 28 - 29) and Pugwash (July 31 - August 1).

Imagine stepping aboard a majestic Tall Ship feeling the sway of the deck and seeing the view from the bow, this is the only way to experience a Tall Ship, short of sailing on one.


Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

did you know you can join the tall ship Caledonia sailing around Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec - awesome.It is not too expensive either