Thursday, April 15, 2010

Touch the Artic - Manitoba

Churchill is more than just bears! Spring in Churchill is not prime polar bear season however it is the best time to see the aurora borealis. Area residents have been marveling over the aurora for centuries, however, they weren't watching them from the comfort of a modern home or lodge; they were watching them from the comfort of an igloo. Out of respect for both the native people and natural architecture of this land, igloo building was made a central tenet of this exciting and authentic Arctic adventure.

The Fire and Ice adventure is certainly our most rugged. The tundra is frozen and snow covered at this time of year which makes for an amazing Antarctic-like experience while being somewhat further south. This trip also offers the opportunity to participate in Inuit traditions. You will build your own igloo (for a night's stay if they feel so inclined) and will witness an authentic dog sled race, the Hudson Bay Quest, move right past your lodge.

Our Great Ice Bear adventure takes place in prime polar bear season in October and November. This is the time when polar bears in the Churchill area congregate in large numbers on the coast of the Hudson Bay as they wait for the ice to freeze so that they can begin their annual hunt. Great Ice Bear is undoubtedly the most diverse and holistic polar bear viewing package offered in the Churchill area. It combines 4 days at our wilderness lodge where bears are seen and photographed on foot or from the lodge, with one day in Churchill on the Tundra Buggy.

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