Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunshine Coast

While staying at the beautiful Rockwater Resort,

Talaysay Tours - Kayaking and Cultural Adventures - Sunshine Coast - BC

In the spirit of caring and sharing, you are invited to visit the calm waters and majestic forests of the Sunshine Coast. Learn about the ecological practices of the shishalh (Sechelt) First Nations while viewing the many species of marine life. Experience first hand the history, legends and stories of the shishalh people.

Discover the beauty of the Sunshine Coast by seagoing canoe. Your local Shishalh guide will take you on an exciting canoe adventure filled with stories and legends about the Shishalh First Nation who have lived in this area for over centuries. Discover traditional camp and village sites and learn about our ancestors' way of life. On this experience you will make your own craft – a friendship bracelet – and learn its meaning and story. Along the route you will have many opportunities to enjoy the stunning scenery and to observe the bountiful wildlife and marine life in the area. This is a smooth water adventure for all ages and abilities. * Lilly Dip is an expression for a leisure paddle. With humour intended, a paddler who is called a Lilly Dipper, is perceived as a casual paddler.

Or, you may want to take a leisurely walk and listen to the legends and whispers of the forest. Or, for the more energetic, take our day hike through the primal forest and magnificent landscape of the Tetrahedron. Our hiking guides are first-aid certified and they're bursting with traditional knowledge and stories to share with you

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