Thursday, September 09, 2010

Aurora viewing

Aurora Village - Northwest Territories

Aurora Village is largely made up of tepees, kept warm for your enjoyment, while waiting for the aurora. Guests can learn about the scientific and legendary element of the aurora borealis and receive information on how to photograph them. We have heated seats for your aurora viewing comfort. Food and drinks are served nightly in our dining hall.

Conveniently located on nearby Aurora Lake, Aurora Village offers both day and night activities that will make the memories of your stay in Yellowknife last a lifetime.

At 62.27 degrees latitude, we experience up to 20 hours of darkness.
W e have designed Aurora Village to maximize the viewing pleasure of our guests and introduce them to our culture, the northern environment and offer them some good wholesome fun!

Since we are located on a hilltop overlooking the lake our guest have an excellent panoramic view, without any distractions from city lights or passing vehicles.

Soft light from lanterns provide enough light for safe walking without interfering with a guest's view of the Northern Lights.

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