Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goats on the Roof

This wonderful spot is on the way to Tofino - don't miss it - it will be yet another highlight of your time on Vancouver island! I shall be there next week - can't wait:)

The old country market originated from a modest fruit stand in 1971 and later grew to support a hamburger stand alongside the fruit stand. In 1975 the original building was erected. This was the start of the grass roof. The idea for the grass roof came from then owner, Kristian Graaten. He emigrated here from Norway with his family in the mid 1950’s and longed to see some of the buildings from his home country. Many homes in Norway were built from the sides and slopes of the hills with the roofs built as an extension of the hillside.

After the grass had rooted a family of goats appeared. Legend has it that a “few glasses” of wine inspired the idea of putting the goats up on the roof, but you will have to come in and ask Larry about that.

The thought of goats on a roof caught on so well that each year an increasing number of tourists and locals stopped by to catch a glimpse of this trip of “goats on the roof”. With this curiosity and a lot of hard work and pinch of good fortune it has evolved into what it is today.

Do stop for lunch and be warned - you will be tempted by the many good things to eat and buy.

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