Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Newfoundland - good news

Air Canada have resumed direct flights from Heathrow to St. John's in Newfoundland - the closest bit of Canada to England. This is splendid as it now only takes a few hours to get to this wonderful province.

The Artisan Inn has operated since 1997 and, by Canada Select, is Trinity’s highest rated inn. In addition to the main building of the Artisan Inn there is a fishing “store” at the shoreline. Originally used to store and maintain nets and gear, it is now home to the Twine Loft dining room, recommended in Where to Eat in Canada. We also offer Vacation Homes and operate the Campbell House B&B.

The Inn provide full breakfasts, soup and a sandwich lunches and, in the evening, affordable fine dining. Our evening menus are table d'hote using local produce and products and employing eco-friendly practices.

There is an in-house sommelier and careful attention is given to our wine list and to food and wine pairing.

Twine Loft dining is open to the general public and we encourage visitors to Trinity to drop by, visit us and view the menus. The Twine Loft is also a venue for artisan workshops and artistic presentations.

The accommodations are in several buildings, each with only a few bedrooms within minutes walking distance of Trinity’s major attractions. Trinity itself is centrally located on the Bonavista Peninsula and within an hour’s drive of other popular area attractions. Trinity is about a 3 hour drive from St. John’s.

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