Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visit to Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria - British Columbia

The Gem of the Pacific North-West, the Garden City of Canada, is the preferred destination of millions of international visitors each year. Many British Columbians also call Victoria home. One little known fact is that Victoria receives 65% more sunshine than Vancouver. Said another way, Vancouver receives 65% more rain than Victoria.

Victoria offers a unique blend of old-world British charm and 21st Century comfort. In 1862 Victoria was described as: "The largest town north of San Francisco; population 4,000 to 5,000, or about four-fifths of the entire population of the colony. Four years ago it was a trading post of the Hudson Bay Company, and contained about 250 people."

Whether you wander the vibrant gardens and parks, stroll the lively Harbour or break-water, visit the museums and stately homes, go to a spa or rest in the sun as you watch the world go by, Victoria has something for everyone.

For exciting shopping, visit the quaint shops on Government Street, the open-air craft market in Bastion Square, Antique Row, Murchies the Tea merchant, the many art galleries or the excellent specialty stores in the downtown.

Discover fine dining at one of the many local restaurants offering everything from North West Cuisine to exotic ethnic fare. And consider doing Victoria in Victorian style by staying at one of Victoria's fine Bed and Breakfast Inns where your hosts can point you in all the right directions.

With its mild weather and temperate climate there is always a flower in bloom from the cherry blossoms in January, through daffodils and tulips in March, lilacs in May, to the abundance of roses and rhododendrons in the Summer and Fall. The air reflects the aroma from the blossoms, especially during the long summer nights.

The sun shines on Victoria year round and, when it rains, the rose petals glisten, the rich greens deepen and the fragrance in the air sweetens - encouraging the abundant bird life to sing out.

This is the city that breaths in an abundance of fresh sea air and soaks up more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Canada. It’s the perfect place to hold hands with nature and witness marine wildlife in its natural habitat; and to feel safe, free, and refreshed.

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