Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aboriginal Journeys - Campbell River, British Columbia

Aboriginal Journeys is a family owned and operated First Nations wildlife viewing and adventure tour company located in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada within the traditional territory of the Laichwiltach (Native) peoples.

They offer awe-inspiring wildlife, marine life, and nature-viewing excursions through some of the most scenic areas found anywhere in the world. Enjoy Whale Watching, Grizzly Bear viewing, Black Bears, soaring Eagles, playful Dolphins, and other Marine Wildlife in their natural habitats.

View some of the world's strongest ocean currents with rapids, boils, and whirlpools. Our tours provide insight to our local First Nations (Native) history and culture.

Enjoy a comfortable journey aboard the tour boats — such as our 27-foot covered high-speed tour boat with onboard washroom. This vessel carries 12 passengers and is fully equipped with proper navigation and safety equipment. Even on a rainy day, you'll be warm and dry inside. We also have a 24-foot Zodiac tour boat that carries 12 passengers.

Your tours are guided by locally born residents, Garry Henkel and Daniel Billy, an elder from the We-Wai-Kai First Nation on Quadra Island. Garry is Daniel's son-in-law. Both are certified boating professionals. Garry has over 30 years experience and Daniel over 60 years experience working and travelling within our waters.

The Laichwiltach (Laichkwiltach / Lekwiltok / Ligwithdaxw) peoples are part of the Nation now commonly referred to as the Kwakwak'awakw (and Kwak'wala speaking people).

The Kwakwak'awakw Nation's territory extends from Cape Mudge to the mouth of Bute Inlet in the south to Smith Inlet in the north and around the northern part of Vancouver Island to Quatsino Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Laichwiltach are the southernmost of the Kwak'wala speaking people.

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