Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hiking in Banff National Park

White Mountain Adventures is a small, Banff based, active outdoor company, in operation since 1987. In addition to the Sunshine Meadows service, they also offer a variety of other unique services in the Rockies and across western Canada.

Join a professional naturalist/guides for a hike on top of the world! You'll have great opportunities to learn about the unique alpine ecosystem, about different plants and animals found in the alpine, and about the colorful history of the area. And best of all, you'll stretch your legs and see a lot more of one of nature's finest landscapes!

Walk among flower-speckled meadows and turquoise lakes. Hike up through golden larches and along the ridges above. Take in the views from a sun-baked summit!

Example: Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its meadows and easy hiking peaks which lie below the Matterhorn-like summit that towers above.

This relaxed hiking tour is for those interested in experiencing four days of walking in this beautiful sub-alpine region along with the simplicity of life that comes with staying at the rustic Naisset Cabins.There are not many areas where it is possible to do this and yet avoid carrying the heavier backpack usually required to visit such a place.

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