Friday, August 07, 2009

Lobstermen Tours - A Fun & Unique Lobster Fishing Adventure - Nova Scotia

If you are visiting Lunenburg on Nova Scotia's southern shore - and if you are a lover of lobster (as I am) I think this looks good fun. It is run by Lobstermen Tours in Lunenburg and this is what they say:

"Discover first hand, the salty history of charming Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) by experiencing the life of a Lobster Fisherman! This is an entertaining and educational experience and an absolute must if you’re visiting Nova Scotia this summer.

Our tour begins next to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic with a brief look at the historic Lunenburg waterfront.

Then, off to the fishing grounds for the hauling of the lobster traps! Along the way you'll learn about lobsters and lobster fishing from the professional crew.

Our boat, the 'Chris L' is a real working lobster boat and is converted into a tour boat for the summer season. It is equipped with comfortable seating, washroom, and a canopy to protect you from nature’s unpredictable elements.

Throughout the tour you’ll benefit from lots of 'hands-on educational science'. We have an onboard marine biologist and a touch tank featuring lobsters, crabs, and other marine creatures.

Another highlight of your adventure will be watching seals and marine birds in their natural environment! Throughout the tour you will be treated to some of Nova scotia's most picturesque coastline."

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